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Recycled Glass Kiln Arts Workshops

Over the past 10 years, glass engineer Robert Kirby has developed innovative techniques for using recycled bottle glass in a variety of ceramic arts applications. Glass bottles are made of soda lime glass, a vitreous silicate similar in chemical composition to other raw materials used by ceramic and glass artists. Recycled glass is inexpensive, readily available and opens new creative possibilities in a wide variety of artistic applications. Recycled glass can also cut costs and open up new opportunities to show and market your work.

Between October 2004 and November 2005 CEED conducted 6 workshops for ceramic artists, warm glass craftspeople and entrepreneurs interested in developing new products. Participants received written lessons, a complimentary 25 pound bag of crushed glass for experimentation and information on additional marketing and business development assistance services.

The six workshops were highly successful and popular, involving some 217 participants. Following is a description of the six workshops:

From the workshop.
From the workshop.

Workshop Lessons

Permanent molds for fusing glass

Proven techniques for making castable permanent molds from 80 percent recycled glass that maximize dimensional stability during curing and firing.

Fusing 100 percent recycled glass tile

Learn about firing schedules that overcome special challenges related to recycled glass, and strategies to achieve the best looking and performing recycled glass tiles.

Castable and glazable Artwork

With the right binders, mixes and firing schedules, tiles, pavers, and even pots can be cast out of 90 percent recycled glass using cement casting techniques. Then the objects can be glazed and fired!

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Using Recycled Glass with Clay

Using recycled glass as a flux can lower firing temperatures and possibly eliminate the need for bisque firing. Learn how to overcome compatibility issues while combining glass with dry clays to make tiles, slip casts and molds.

Glass as a Raw Material for Glazes

The oxide content of soda lime glass allows glazes to be formulated using 50 percent or more recycled glass, compatible with both clay and glass base tile. Learn how to analyze oxide content and invent new glazes.

Marketing and Business Development Assistance for Recycled Glass Artists

Using recycled glass opens new marketing and business assistance opportunities. We'll offer follow up assistance to those interested in marketing recycled content art work or developing or expanding businesses.

The California Recycled Glass Art Awards Program

Learn about a new awards program showcasing artwork that incorporates recycled glass.

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About the Trainer

Robert Kirby has over 15 years experience working with a wide variety of artists and manufacturers. Throughout the 1990s, as a recycled glass engineer with the Clean Washington Center, he worked with over 30 firms to investigate the technical, artistic and economic barriers to using recycled glass. In recent years, Robert has specialized in recycled glass kiln uses. Working in his studio and through his production firm, Dogged Enterprises, he has developed and proven a wide range of innovate artistic treatments and production strategies involving the use of recycled glass, and has assisted a number of business start-ups.

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