Recycled Glass Kiln Arts Awards and Exhibition

Beauty and innovation in the use of recycled glass are explored in this exciting exhibition of art works and building products. Mounted for the purpose of promoting the wider use of recycled glass in art and industrial applications, this exhibition includes work from individual artisans, entrepreneurs, and small-scale producers. From tiles to jewelry to furniture and fine art, there is "something for everyone" in this unusual display.

These outstanding examples of glass and ceramics highlight current technological and aesthetic achievements in the use of recycled glass. The variety of the exhibits extends well beyond form, revealing a wealth of textural and luminous effects. Participants used a broad range of kiln processes to fuse, sinter, cast, slump, and otherwise reuse "waste" glass--with surprising results!

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The Recycled Glass Kiln Arts Awards and Exhibition competition was announced in October 2005 and entries were accepted through February 15, 2006, with the exhibition running from May 3-31, 2006 in the lobby of the CalEPA building in Sacramento. An awards ceremony and press conference was held May 3, 2006.

There were 89 entries from individuals or businesses, of which 42 were from California, 9 from Washington, 8 from Wisconsin, 5 each from Florida and Massachusetts, 4 from Idaho, and the balance from Oregon, Ohio, Virginia, Kansas, Texas, Minnesota, and North Carolina. There were 3 entries from Finland, and 1 from Bulgaria. Entries were divided into two categories for judging: unique art pieces (sculptures, vases, jewelry, etc.) and prototype production products or architectural elements (tiles, bricks, cast tableware, etc.).

The exhibition consisted of 32 pieces by 16 participants, which were selected by a panel of judges--Guna Selvaduray (SJSU Materials Engineering Department) and Bob Kirby were the technical judges, and Diana Daniels (assistant curator at the Crocker Art Museum), Mary White (head of the glass program at SJSU), and Jan Schacter (exhibition chair at the Association of Clay and Glass Artists of California) were the artistic judges.

Speakers at awards ceremony and reception included Bridgette Luther, director of the Department of Conservation; State Senator Wesley Chesbro, State Assemblywoman Patty Berg, as well as project leader Ed Boisson and project technical expert Bob Kirby. Four cash awards were given, to Chai Ng for Technical Achievement, to Penelope Starr for Production Potential, to Shirley Roberts for Aesthetic Originality, and to Catherine Lottes for Artistic Achievement.

For pictures of the contest entries, the exhibition, and the opening reception, View the Online Gallery of the Exhibition.

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