Humboldt County General Plan 2025 Energy Element

CEED worked with Planwest Partners, Schatz Energy Research Center, Net Gain, and Winzler and Kelly Consulting Engineers to prepare the Humboldt County General Plan 2025 energy element for the Redwood Coast Energy Authority (RCEA).

Download the Final Draft Energy Element.

Download the Final Draft of the Energy Element Background Technical Report - this report contains detailed information about Humboldt County's energy consumption and resources.

Or learn more about the Energy Element on RCEA's website:

Climate Change Education and Outreach

Climate Change and Indigenous People

Indigenous groups will likely be the people affected most immediately and severely by climate change. For this reason, significant responses and actions are needed. Increasing public awareness and increasing participation in policy making in particular are needed.

CEED organized a panel, Climate Change & Indigenous Peoples: Responses and Actions, at the 2005 Public Interest Environmental Law Conference, in Eugene, OR. Information about the panel and related links.

Prosperity in the Context of Climate Change

A Policy Proposal for Broad Acceptance of a "Post-Kyoto" Cap and Trade Carbon Emissions System Without Imposed National Targets: Download Working Draft (PDF, 320K)