Arcata Economic Development Strategic Plan

CEED, with Arcata's PlanWest, recently completed the City of Arcata's Economic Development Strategic Plan which uses a place- and neighborhood-based "smart infilling" approach to diversifying the local community's economy.

View the report at the City of Arcata website.

Tobin Tax Initiative

The Tobin Tax Initiative builds citizen awareness of Tobin-style taxes. These are cross-border transaction taxes on foreign currency. Such taxes are designed to discourage short-term speculation while leaving longer-term investments intact. Now at nearly $2 trillion daily, (a volume which helps cause financial crises), this market needs to be tamed.

An important benefit of this will be the revenue. Tobin-style taxes will raise billions in earmarked trust funds to combat global warming, fund disaster aid, alleviate poverty, prevent disease, and build sustainable communities.

The concept originated with the late Dr. James Tobin, a Nobel-prize-winning economist at Yale, and is considered economically feasible. Parliamentary political will is the key, and citizen awareness will make a difference. Our project instigates action in the US, builds a strong network, outreaches to citizens, and works in coordination with our international partners.

Tobin Tax Initiative - USA